General Objective

The Project will test and validate a new learning approach aimed at covering specific employment- related needs and social inclusion identified in the European countryside suffering from low population density and in disadvantageous conditions.

Specific Objectives:

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    Personal socio sanitario
    The participants in the pilot training action will improve their socio-health knowledge for dependants of rural areas and key competences.
    To promote equity and social inclusion of people in rural areas through access to specific training in the area of health and care for dependents.
  2. To overcome geographic obstacles for the access to vocational training by rural areas combining  e-learning and face2face training moved to the rural areas through a mobile classroom.
  3. To generate places of work linked to fixing population in the rural environment and the improvement of quality life through professionalised assistance for dependants.
  4. To train in digital competences population of the rural environment and foster equal opportunities taking profit from the demonstrative pilot action foreseen.