Low density of active population in rural areas and the increasing ageing of their population needs proximity services with growing character, many of them linked to dependency and care of elderly people.

Conexto rural needs
Rural environment has a low population density

Among the needs of qualification detected by the partnership in the 4 countries is common the demand in profiles linked to proximity services and social and healthcare area for dependency assistance delivering an improving quality life of an ever ageing population.

The main Project objective is to test and validate a new learning approach aimed at covering specific employment-related needs and social inclusion identified in the European countryside suffering from low population density and in disadvantageous conditions.

This methodology, as well as the Manual and Guide developed under the project's framework, will be tested through a demonstrative pilot action carried out  throughout 4 geographical itineraries in the 4 participating countries (25 municipalities of the rural environment), supported by an e-learning platform and a mobile classroom that will move to each municipality.